GMP Systems SRL provides a wide range of services and supplies to pharmaceutical companies and market.

GMP Systems SRL can provide you analytical and calibration/validation instruments, consumables, sanitizers.

Through our brand PHARMATECH, we can provide full services for validation, commissioning, regulatory compliance consultancy as well as engineering services to international pharmaceutical companies.

Thanks to its professional staff experience, Pharmatech can be a reliable partner, which works together with the Customer people as an extension and an integrated part of the Customer departments. Our professionals are  “problem solvers”  aimed to reach the full Customer satisfaction in terms of quality, reliability, quick response in those situations when the Customer needs to add resources and experience to its own staff.

Consulting services

We can support our Customers by providing :

-          Feasibility studies and process design engineering;

-          Updating and improvement of the Customer’s quality system (quality manual, Standard Operating              Procedures, manufacturing methods, recipes, batch records, etc.);

-          Support to the environment, occupational health and safety management system;

-          Support to the engineering and maintenance services;

-          Production rationalization and optimization, as well as new products/technologies introduction;

-          Commissioning, Qualification and Validation of plants, processes, analytical methods, cleaning /             sterilization procedures and systems;

-          Global maintenance services for industrial plants and laboratories;

-          Industrial tests and controls, for healthcare , cosmetic and food industry.

Readily available skills

Quality Assurance Regulatory Compliance (EC, USA, CH) Quality audits Process design Production rationalization Engineering Validation ANDA development and filing

Our way of working is our advantage

Other Consultants will tell you what is wrong and should be corrected, Few of them will tell you what you have to do to be in compliance, We will do it. Together with you, at your convenience, if you wish.

With our working method, when our job is completed, your problem has been solved and the know-how will remain with You

Our test instruments

–More than 6 Laser Particle Counters for non-viable airborne particulate testing according to ISO 14644-1:2015 –Air samplers for viable testing –Photometers for HEPA filters testing –Sterilization filters integrity testers –Hundreds of dataloggers for thermal validation of equipment, rooms and warehouses –Digital pressure calibrators –Airflow measurement instruments –Temperature, humidity, pressure, noise measurement instruments